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Payday lenders adopted installment loans to evade regulation – but they can be even worse

Installment loans appear to be a softer, softer version of their “predatory” cousin, the payday loan. But for consumers, they can be even more harmful. Using installment loan, in which a consumer borrows a lump sum and pays back principal and interest in a series of regular installments, has increased considerably since 2013, when regulators […]

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Stephen Fleischman, longtime director of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, retires | Arts and theater

He replaced David Berreth, who resigned in 1990 at a time when the Arts Center was struggling with debt. Capital Times reporter Kevin Lynch then announced that the museum would tackle “persistent deficits and declining attendance” with new shows and additional funds for more ambitious exhibits. The biggest movement came in 2004, when the Madison […]