Art critique

A hilarious critique of cosmopolitanism, conceptual art and all things bourgeois

Maria Sonia Cristoff. (Photo by Gabriel Diaz) From her professor’s chair in a local history museum in the Argentine province, Mara practices “the art of keeping quiet.” When visitors ask about the bathroom or if there’s a decent place to eat in town, she ignores them. Instead, “she mimics the exhibits, looks straight ahead at […]

Art director

Fashion stylist and art director Inggrad Shek on her top SS20 style picks

In this monthly series, the editors of Lifestyle Asia delve into the closets of Hong Kong’s best-dressed individuals. From trendy shoes to essential wardrobe staples, these Style heroes share with us some of their favorite pieces and, in doing so, provide insight into what defines their personal style. In April, we chat with Inggrad Shek. […]

Art director

Lululemon apologizes after art director sparks outrage over promotion of ‘Bat Fried Rice’ t-shirts

Lululemon apologized and parted ways with an art director who promoted the sale of ‘bat fried rice’ t-shirts that were called racist. Trevor Fleming shared a link on his Instagram page to the website of California artist Jess Sluder, which sold “quarantines” featuring the image of a pair of chopsticks with bat wings on the […]