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Halil Ethem Eldem: graduate geologist, volunteer artistic director

[ad_1] Many Turkish cultural institutions, now considered symbols of Republican modernization, were originally founded during the Ottoman era. The CumhurbaÅŸkanlığı Senfoni Orkestrası (CSO, Presidential Symphony Orchestra) is the continuation of the Mızıka-yı Hümayun (Imperial Orchestra). Mahmud II had an imperial brass band established in place of the forbidden Mehteran Bölüğü (the Mehter division of the […]

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Weekly installment loans and their associated benefits

While some people don’t like the idea of ​​borrowing money, others may find it necessary because not everyone is fortunate enough to have a cash safety net. Taking out a loan might be their only option to cover unforeseen expenses. There are many types of loans available, but the installment loan is the most sought […]