Art critique

No, ‘Cuties’ is not a sophisticated artistic critique of child pornography

If you don’t appreciate “Cuties” as a nuanced, thought-provoking work of art, you’re an uneducated philistine — and how dare you comment on it without looking at it. This is the general argument in defense of the “Cuties” expressed in the stands and on Twitter. people like Alyssa Rosenberg assure us that the film is […]

Art director

Model, English teacher’s daughter and freelance art director arrested for riot

The seven New Afrikan Black Panther Party “comrades” arrested for riots in New York on Friday night are wealthy students, models, art directors and singers. The NYPD tweeted their mugshots over the weekend and decried their actions as “the height of hypocrisy”, calling one of the women “the poster of white privilege.” Clara Kraebber, 20, […]