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Slog PM: FBI raid Trump house, Starbucks manager accuses union workers of kidnapping and I’ll see you in hell (Rhode Island)

Farewell, ecoblocks. The illegal concrete blocks on SW Andover are gone and SDOT crews hint that a bike path could take their place. The blocks were put there by neighbors who didn’t like seeing the effects of the housing crisis, because if you can’t see the poor, then their problems don’t exist. Meanwhile, Seattle weather […]

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Newburyport Art Association announces new exhibition |

NEWBURYPORT — The Newburyport Art Association and its interest group, the North of Boston Print Collaborative, present “North of Boston Print Collaborative,” an exhibit highlighting the works of northern New England printmakers. “North of Boston Print Collaborative” is on view Wednesday through August 21 at the NAA’s first-floor Sargent and Mini Galleries and its second-floor […]

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Irish Women in Film: Lorraine Hewson, Production Manager

Photography by Doreen Kilfeather. Born into a family of hard-working creatives, Lorraine Hewson was raised to go her own way, finding out what drives her. She’s taken what she calls a “side road” in filmmaking. “I had just returned from a trip around the world and a friend asked me if I wanted to buy […]

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Charles Demange, General Manager of Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich – This is Guangzhou

Guangzhou, July 2022 – Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich is pleased to announce the appointment of Charles Demange as General Manager of the hotel, effective July 2022. Mr. Demange started his hospitality career working in the Food and Beverage department of Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi in 2006. His career footprints span various exciting properties including the famous […]

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Newburyport Art Association seeks art submissions | New

NEWBURYPORT – The Newburyport Art Association continues its ‘celebration of glass’ this year with its largest ever exhibition to celebrate all forms of glass, physical material and art glass, and the associations, subjects and themes of the glass in other media. This exhibition is for all media and everyone – members and non-members, all age […]

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Art Director Rajeev Nair: There’s good potential for new talent in the art department – #BehindTheCamera | Telugu Movie News

Rajeev Nair is a popular art director and production designer who spearheads creative thinking and innovation within the industry. He draws on his years of experience in unique image production and production design, allowing him to push boundaries while ensuring successful business results. Having worked in over 80 films, Rajeev is one of the strongest […]

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The plant manager behind the modern plastics industry

This story is about the president of a plastic toy company, Charles Marcak. The story stems from my discovery of what I initially thought was the first production set of plastic army men, its creation. (These are technically test pieces, as I’ll explain below.) Both specimens are captivating and, in their gas masks, almost quizzical […]