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Aggabai Sunbai actress Nivedita Saraf mourns the loss of artistic director Raju Sapte; said: “I am shocked that such a passionate person committed suicide, the family should get justice”

Marathi artistic director Raju Sapte reportedly committed suicide on Saturday July 3 at his home in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune. The entire Marathi industry mourns the sudden disappearance of Raju Sapte, and Aggabai Sunbai actress Nivedita Saraf is one of them.

Raju Sapte built the set for Aggabai Sunbai and actress Nivedita Saraf said she was shocked after learning of her disappearance.

Nivedita recently shared a video on social media and said: “I am so emotional and in a lot of pain while filming this video. Our art director Raju Sapte committed suicide. I think suicide is not an option for no problem. Raju Sapte was so talented and introverted. He was so passionate about his job. I am shocked as to why such a person decided to kill himself. He shot a video before his suicide and said he did was fed up with union harassment. ”

Nivedita added, “I met him on the set of Aggabai Sunbai. He was so talented and he designed our set beautifully. When we were filming outside of Maharashtra, he built the same set in just three days. . He turned the complex into a home. His team are still working with us. ”

The actress wrote in the caption: “अतिशय गुणी आणि सज्जन कलादिग्दर्शक

. (The family of the very virtuous and gentle art director Raju Sapte should get justice (sic) ”

For the uninitiated, Raju Sapte had worked as an artistic director for films like Ambat Goad and Manyaa – The wonder boy, among others and in the television show Aggabai Sunbai.

Notably, in a video shot by Raju before the incident, he was seen blaming someone from the union for his suicide.

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