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Alia Bhatt Asks Zindagi Artistic Director To Design Her Boho Office Space



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Recently, Alia Bhatt spoke about getting her office in Mumbai, designed by the artistic director of her 2016 film,

Dear Zindagi
. Alia and designer Rupin Suchak collaborated on the design of the 2,800 square foot space, which took four months to complete. Rupin explained that Alia was specific about her design goals and wanted the space to have a ‘bohemian’ vibe.

Hindustan Times quoted Rupin as saying, “Even though the execution lasted 4 months, it was worth the wait. Alia enjoys being involved in every decision and due to her filming schedule there were times when we had to wait for her to approve and confirm certain designs and structures. “

He added: “I still remember Alia being specific about how she wanted certain things, but her one-line memory was that the place should have a very cheerful atmosphere with unconventional art corners and graphics, so we added a lot of turkish color palettes to the space which had a muted neutral base. floor cushions, leather ottomans and comfy chairs definitely add to the warm atmosphere of bohemian interiors. Office space was sort of a great opportunity for her to express her love for art and design. “

Alia said: “Rupin took the pulse of what I wanted to do with my desk. He got the location brief and effortless. The space is now an extension of my personality and that’s exactly what I had. envisioned. He created the place. seems more spacious, included an element of surprise or two breaking up the monotony, while giving it a touch of serenity and coziness. “

The office is for his production house, Eternal Sunshine Productions, named after the film by Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey,

Eternal Sunshine of the Flawless Spirit

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Article first published: Saturday May 23, 2020, 4:48 PM [IST]

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