Art manager

Analyze feces and develop clever remedies as…a gas station manager?

The Raw Fury editor described Flat Eye (opens in a new tab) as a “resource management sim with an emphasis on story and narrative choices”, which isn’t a combo you see every day. As a new trailer for today’s Guerrilla Collective showcase shows, the player runs a state-of-the-art gas station, keeping customers happy and devising cures for their many ailments…by analyzing, ahem , “everything that falls into the water”.

It’s the kind of outhouse humor you’d expect from the game, giving it a great themed hospital vibe. It’s an absurd look at the possibilities offered by near-future technology and the ever-adapting methods of capitalist exploitation: the previous trailer (opens in a new tab) also featured organ vending machines, as well as protesters who aren’t into all that “tech overshoot.”

“We know you’ll find solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had,” says the game’s announcer. without you.”

According to the Steam page, story development is driven by “premium customers” who are drawn to your store by new mods you research and install. Each brings a “new and revealing narrative with which you can interact and influence”.

Designing and running a gas station in Flat Eye sounds like a poo-fueled nightmare, but maybe fun. It will be released in 2022, according to the publisher.