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Animation receives awards from the Redwood Art Association – Times-Standard

“Nosey Uncle Sam”, an animation by Tom Boyer of McKinleyville, won “Best of Show” honors at the Redwood Art Association’s “New Year Exhibition”.

This virtual show, presented on until February 12, was judged by Gabrielle Gopinath, local writer, professor of art and film history and art critic.

“Being invited to serve as a judge for the recent RAA exhibition was a challenge – there were so many great entries,” Gopinath said. “I selected Tom Boyer’s animation ‘Nosey Uncle Sam’ for an RAA award for reasons related to its relationship to the here and now. As a graphic animation it displays ambition and technical achievement in a medium that is particularly well suited to the virtual display conditions that are possible during a pandemic – and which is rarely seen in museums and galleries around. from these regions.

“Is the heavyweight in Boyer’s animation a state nightmare as Leviathan?” Or does he embody a more narrowly defined fear of omission or intrusion that is more specifically contemporary and American? Either way, its inclusion is timely and relevant, ”she said.

Boyer, who moved to Humboldt County after 35 years with Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, holds a master’s degree in manufacturing. He says he’s always been an amateur artist too.

“I had artistic talent when I was a kid and I kept it as an interest,” he said. “Technology was another interest. I was trained in tech (and) had a successful high tech career in the Bay Area. Computers and information technologies were important parts of my skills.

Retiring and heading north, Boyer was quickly accepted as a full-time student at Humboldt State University. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in visual arts in 2017.

“My interest was sculpture and I focused on that,” he said. “Since graduating, I have been working on clay portraits. I also tried to be more proficient in using animation apps. I consider these applications to be digital sculpture.

By attending HSU, Boyer was able to hone his craft even further using cutting-edge technology while attending the California State University Summer Arts’ “Creative Workshop for Animation” in Monterey.

His entry into the Redwood Art Association is the result of this summer program.

“Disney entertainment was my first memory of going to the movies. Snow White, Bambi, Alice in Wonderland were not only entertaining, but moving, ”he said. “I started in animation by drawing a simple animation by flipping stick figures around the pages of a book. Later, I was fascinated by the behind-the-scenes documentaries about how animated films were made. I was impressed when Avatar was introduced. I wanted to learn the trade.

To make “Nosey Uncle Sam”, Boyer first created a sculpture of a mini Uncle Sam. He then imported the sculpture into a 3D graphics application.

“The digitized sculpture was animated by an actor,” Boyer said. “The“ landmarks ”of his body have been associated with sculpture. The sculpture mimicked the movements as the actor moved and a video was created.

When asked what it was like to win the ‘Best of Show’ for the Redwood Art Association’s’ New Year’s Exhibit ‘, Boyer said,’ If I had time to liven up my smile, I would add it to the entry. “

To view the full New Year’s Eve exhibit, go to

Enter a new exhibition

The Redwood Art Association is now accepting entries for the upcoming “Disrupt” exhibition. This thematic exhibit will appear on the Redwood Art Association website (see above) from February 17 to March 12. Registration day is February 13. For four entries, artists receive a fifth free entry. This exhibit will also offer viewers the chance to vote for their favorite entry.

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