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Arajuo will be featured artist of the Porterville Art Association | Pictures


Alan Cardenas Araujo will be the featured artist of the Porterville Art Association from May 12 to July 9.

Alan has been a member of the association for three years. Araujo was a student at the College of Sequoias, then transferred to Porterville College as an art major. He has taken numerous art classes at both colleges and looks forward to completing his arts degree in the summer of 2021.

Alan is a seasoned artist of multiple mediums and his collection of masterpieces is extensive. He also has a great time volunteering at the gallery. Araujo’s reception will take place on Friday, May 14 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and its exhibition will feature 45 works of art.

Born and raised in Lindsay, Alan came from a family of hard workers. “I have set my expectations high to be able to reach the highest peaks of achievement towards my goals in the art world,” he said. “I can repeatedly lead myself to become a better creator as an artist through my practices of painting, drawing, digital media and collage of all kinds of mediums. “

Alan got into art during his senior year at Lindsay High School. “A key element that most inspired me to get into art was to perfect my self-portraits. It all started from there.

I expected perfection. I would usually never choose to draw someone other than myself because I criticize my work the most. My mother Sara Araujo, my brother Ramiro and my sister Yadira have inspired me the most simply because they nurture this creativity when it comes to artistic projects. My siblings being from the same high school, I would always appreciate the work they put into things. Overall, it comes from my mom – the way I come up with ideas has generally helped me to be imaginative like her in this aspect.

Alan has taken Art Appreciation, a selection of art history courses, 2D and 3D courses, sculpture, figure drawing, digital art, illustration and layout, and lithography.

My plan is to increase my digital design and drafting skills so that I can become an architect, ”said Alan. Alan also hopes to become an art teacher.

Alan’s work consists of digital media, graphite, acrylic, ink and fine point sharpie. “My favorite activity of all time is to combine mediums like acrylic paint and graphite,” Alan said. “My favorite medium to work with is ink because of its powerful pigment flow, especially if it’s a dark black stain on my paper or canvas. These practices also involve my favorite exercise which is grid drawing.

My experience is that the exhibits have been very limited to student art exhibits at community colleges. The Porterville Art Association is my first to give me this opportunity to display and self-proclaim this featured exhibition of my work. I sit in the gallery while guests visit me when I can. The PAA is a friendly place.

Alan received second and third Judges’ Awards in PAA shows in 2019 in the mediums of graphite and multimedia. “It was an honor to receive these ribbons of recognition which have been criticized by such professionals,” said Alan.

Thanks to the Association des Arts de Porterville! I continue to be inspired by the world, I enjoy traveling, I think about the world day by day and then understand why I have this passion to create art in a different way. “

The gallery is located at 151 North Main Street, Porterville.

We value his works of art and achievements, as well as his potential for growth and development in the future, ”said PAA.

Alan’s reception is open to the public. There is free parking at the front and rear of the gallery, which is located at 151 North Main Street, Porterville. For more information, call Che Hinojosa, vice president, 559-544-7325.


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