Art director

Art director vs copywriter?

The advertising industry has long paired two creatives in the roles of art director and copywriter, but how are the positions distributed in the modern industry?

What’s the difference between a copywriter and an art director? The answer may seem obvious: one takes care of the visuals while the other makes sure the words are right. But there are other points where the jobs diverge.

With regard to production, the art directors are responsible for the imagery elements. These include typography, notation, photography, design, illustration, and maybe even editing. The production equivalent for copywriters? Sound, including voiceover, and writing (if any).

Of course, the two intersect a bit (especially if you have a team where neither of you commit to a particular role), and if there is enough time and money, you will likely find both members. of the team doing most of the work together. But overall, the copywriter often ends up contributing more at the start of the process (concept creation), while the art director gets more involved at the end (execution).

Senior creative jobs now lean towards visual creatives. Before it was the other way around