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Badlands Art Association seeking gallery space to share art, connect community

DICKINSON, ND – There are many talented artists in North Dakota. You’ll find plenty of local artwork in galleries across the state. But in the southwest corner of the state, there is no gallery space for artists to showcase their work.

A group of artists is working to change that.

Every piece of art by Janelle Stoneking tells a story. This one, titled “Resilience,” tells the story of the pandemic. The mixed media piece won Best of Show in the Professional Division at the 51st Annual Badlands Art Show.

Although this art exhibit is a community staple, the Badlands Art Association has never had its own space. Now Stoneking and his fellow Badlands Art Association members hope to change that. They hope to find space in Dickinson and open a gallery this year.

“We know a gallery is important for people to show their art and share and also for people to come in and be inspired by it,” Stoneking said.

“We want, we want to give them a place where they can grow, where they can exhibit their work, they can sell the work,” added Badlands Art Association member Tod Winter.

But they want this gallery to be more than a space for artists. They want it to be a space where the community can connect. That means art classes, studio space for artists, and space for all kinds of different art.

“We speak in three dimensions. We are talking about photography. We can even do installation projects,” explained Badlands Art Association member Cherie Roshau.

In fact, they’re hoping this new gallery might include a bit of everything, including pieces like this one from Stoneking.

You can read more about the Badlands Art Association and their plans for a space on their website,

If you would like to become a supporter, you can email Janelle at [email protected]

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