Art critique

Banksy’s painting of Washington’s Mount Rainier that offers a brutal critique of the climate crisis sells for $ 6.3 million

A painting by street artist Banksy of a mountain threatened by the climate crisis in Washington has been auctioned in London for more than £ 4.5million.

Christie said The independent in a statement that the 2009 Banksy painting Subject to availability went for £ 4,582,500 ($ 6,325,408) at a Wednesday sale in London.

The multi-million pound photo shows Mount Rainier in Washington, suffering the effects of the climate crisis. This week saw record high temperatures in the Pacific Northwest, reaching parts of the state at 44C. This increasing heat is melting the 29 glaciers of Mount Rainier.

The National Weather Service sent out an alert for an “unprecedented heat event,” warning of power outages. However, little attention has been paid to the “significant impacts” on the mountain’s icy conditions.

Scott Beason, a geologist working with Mount Rainier Park, said the News Tribune June 29:I have been in the park full time since 2010, and I have never seen anything like it ”

To assert his point of view on the climate crisis through his work, Banksy is said to have drawn inspiration from artistic movements opposed to the industrial revolution, such as romanticism.

“In this book Banksy’s deliberate nod to the Romantic Era – a period that glorified the sublime majesty of nature – serves to underscore the tragic reality latent in his asterisk joke,” read the Christie’s auction catalog entry.

The original painting Banksy “hijacked” is by Albert Biersadt. According to Christie’s spokesperson Sara Macdonald, Biersadt is the perfect person to comment on the climate crisis. He would have “rallied to the destruction of nature by the industrial revolution”, according to Ms. Macdonald.

This is not the first time that Banksy has borrowed from his influences. Last year his painting Show me the Monet, an interpretation of the impressionist painter Bridge over a lily pond sold at auction for $ 10 million. Instead of the picturesque garden, it was strewn with rubbish, including a large orange traffic cone.

On the majestic painting of the mountain, Banksy contributed to this school of thought by adding, “Subject to availability for a limited period of time only” as a statement about the destructive force that climate change has on the planet, and raising questions as to whether to be there in a few generations.