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Blake Shelton couldn’t resist casting shade on Adam Levine in criticism of the voice candidate

The voice celebrated its 500th episode last week, and one of the recurring themes of the NBC singing contest over its 10 years has been the intense rivalry spawned between country superstar Blake Shelton and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. Levine – who, like Shelton, was a coach when The voice debuted in 2011 – left the show after Season 16, but that didn’t stop the two from trading beards over each other’s professional and personal lives. In fact, Shelton couldn’t help but shoot his old nemesis as he criticized one of his performers in the Season 21 Round Knockout.

Blake Shelton team member Hailey Green took the stage for her Knockout performance against teammate Libianca, sporting a see-through top with black patterns under a black and red high-waisted sweater. Shelton had glowing things to say about Green’s performance, but he admitted that his outfit had him do a double take. Apparently her top looked like she had taken ink:

At first I thought when you came here that since the rehearsal you were at Adam Levine’s tattoo artist. I was like ‘Oh my god. What did she do? Please, my God.

He’s not wrong ! While the singer looked and sounded fantastic, she really did look like she was all tattooed, much like former trainer Adam Levine! Levine’s appearance has always been a target for his fellow judge – and easy at that. The Maroon 5 singer has often made bold fashion choices and changed his hairstyle – and old habits seem to die hard. It’s hard to fault Blake Shelton for keeping the rivalry alive, as Levine has done more than his fair share to fan the flames.

Adam Levine pointed an F-bomb at the cowboy earlier this year when Maroon 5’s tour apparently sold more tickets than his nemesis. He also dragged the “Ol ‘Red” singer out on his marriage to Gwen Stefani, saying Stefani was too cool for him. Levine joked that he was going to show up at the wedding and oppose the union. And he wondered why he hadn’t received an invitation!

These days, however, Kelly Clarkson has filled the role of Blake Shelton’s Best Competition on The voice. The talk show host has proven to be a strong opponent for Shelton in the country music genre, possibly forcing him to change his strategy and focus more on artists from other genres. Shelton “cleared the way” for season 20 winner Cam Anthony making sure Anthony was the only R&B singer on his team, and in season 21 Shelton convinced favorite Wendy Moten to work. with him.

In fact, in Hailey Green’s Knockout performance against R&B singer Libianca, Blake Shelton chose the latter, despite Green’s powerful rendition of Shelton’s hit “God’s Country”. Check out the full performances below, which include this legend of Adam Levine.

The Season 21 knockout round is set to end on November 1, with the live playoffs just around the corner. Tune in to see which coach or former coach will be Blake Shelton’s next target. NBC The voice Airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. Be sure to check out our Fall 2021 TV schedule for all the premieres to come.

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