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Brando’s New “Slip N Slide” EP Is a Sultry Critique of Mind Games: Listen –

As a triple threat singer, music producer and songwriter, it was only a matter of time before Brando released a record like this.

Perhaps best known for his transcendent work on Loud Luxury’s global hit “Body,” Brando has been busy embarking on a solo career and rising to the occasion as one of dance music’s most promising aesthetes. .

The California-born artist has just revealed Slip and slide, an anthemic new EP that presents itself as an escape from a formidable artist operating at the intersection of dance and pop music. The six-track EP is a song cycle of pop-inspired deep house music that explores the melancholy of modern relationships when the mystery is gone.

Led by today’s release of its bubbly titular track, Slip and slide is painful, visceral and brimming with relatable songwriting. Considering the remaining five songs from the EP were previously released, “Slip N Slide” is basically the icing on the cake. And it’s one of the record’s undeniable strengths thanks to its sunny sound design, making it a poolside or radio-worthy anthem.

“All Night” is another standout. Here, Brando is vulnerable in his songwriting but slinky in his delivery, crooning over an earworm of a beat. The same goes for “Party’s Over”, a sultry cut where Brando’s seductive vocals are toned and distorted for hypnotic effect. The brooding sound design of this last track mirrors its lyricism, which leaves nothing to chance in its biting critique of mind games.

To verify Slip and slidewhich arrives via revered dance music label Armada, below.

According to Brando, the release of Slip and slide marked a watershed moment for his creative growth. Fruit of a year of introspection and self-discovery, the EP is also a taste of honey before offering the hive in 2022.

“2021 has been a year of discovery for me in finding my sound within the dance music genre, and this year is going to be even more refined and defined for me in terms of creativity,” Brando said in a press release. “‘Slip N Slide’, the first single from the EP, encompasses this new goal of being true to myself as an artist and releasing records that go back to my roots in the world of R&B. This EP represents both a watershed moment for my 2021 releases and a preview of the evolution of my music that I will be working toward in the coming years.”

to listen Slip and slide on streaming platforms here.