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Brewer Exclusive Artist at Porterville Art Association Gallery | Pictures


The Porterville Art Association is proud to present Jeanette Brewer as the exclusive artist for the PAA Gallery located at 151 North Main Street, Porterville, in Studio E.

Since joining the arts association, my artwork has evolved from basic African cultural images to black American cowboys, floral art and endangered species, ”said Brewer. “Everything that speaks to my passion is put on canvas, even abstract photos. I love the color, from the whitest white to the blackest black the spectrum is so full.

When you enter this room, no color is missing. I started my journey with art as far back as I can remember. I used to watch my older sister design clothes on paper so I imitated her. I started to design and make my own clothes. I even started making clothes for others, including my sister. I started painting in high school and college. I have used all mediums but my favorite is acrylic. Everything in this piece is acrylic with the exception of two photos on canvas.

Brewer’s masterpieces are currently on display through December 17 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

The annual miniature art exhibition presented by Co-Chairs Peggy Woods and Courtney Gillespie at Studio D is also on display at the Art Gallery.

The PAA Seasonal Tree and Gift Shop is full of a variety of homemade gifts, books, artwork, candles, tea cups, jewelry, handmade soaps, greeting cards, fabric artwork and more from PAA members. The President of the Gift Shop is Joy Harvey and she is delighted to help anyone find that special gift for that special someone.

All art in the gallery is for sale unless it is marked not for sale. PAA states that they stop by the gallery and see what happens because every day is different and take the time to meet the hostesses who volunteer their time to keep the doors open to serve the public.