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Clackamas County Arts Alliance hires Clint Riley as public art director


As director of public art at the Tallahassee Culture and Arts Council, Clint Riley managed a First Friday gallery open house and oversaw regular public art exhibitions, including jury competitions. . He joined the Clackamas County Arts Alliance last month.

If you notice art while on the move in Clackamas County, you have something in common with Clint Riley, the new Director of Public Art at


“I love art,” Riley said. “I notice it everywhere, whether in raw art, like graffiti, or one of the greats, like

. “

Riley’s great admiration clearly impressed Alliance Executive Director Cheryl Snow and her maintenance team as they invited him to travel 2,790 miles from Tallahassee, Fla., To fill the position.

“We opted for a national search because the skills for this position are very specialized, and it was a long process,” Snow said. “It depended on how close his experience was to our needs. He worked for an organization that was almost our twin.”

The alliance’s work includes creating access to art throughout Clackamas County as well as supporting artists, organizations, civic leaders and residents with information, training, resources, a leadership and advocacy.

Clackamas County Arts Alliance


A division of the county’s tourism and cultural affairs department, it works to support, connect and develop the arts in the county.


Artist exhibition program; Art in public places; help line for art related issues, mentoring, networking, workshops, training.




In 2007, Clackamas County Commissioners added public art to the scope of the alliance by approving a three-year master plan to place permanent works of art in parks, plazas, roundabouts and other public places in the county.

Riley’s work will also include running 17 galleries in the alliance

, which places works by artists from Clackamas County in public buildings and businesses. “It will also be my responsibility to maintain and preserve the existing permanent parts, such as” Flying Humans “at the

he said, referring to the figures carved atop the poles outside the Century theaters in the mall.

Riley, the youngest of six children, was raised in a working class family; he was the only one to pursue a college education. In 2002, he joined the

as a staff assistant; in 2007, he was promoted to director of the board


Snow said, “Everyone I’ve spoken to about Clint has spoken a lot about his ability to relate to people in the community. His calm and quiet demeanor and all the non-linear intangibles of his personality matched the needs of the culture of our organization. “

Riley said the Clackamas County art scene looked “really vibrant.”

“I have a deep appreciation for what an artist does on a daily basis. One of the biggest misconceptions about artists is that they are not businessmen – and they are! They are entrepreneurs . “

And now he can combine his love for helping artists with his love for art.

“I don’t mean to sound too pretentious, but when it comes to art, there’s just something in the zeitgeist that it represents – the spirit of the moment.”


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