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Client Implementation Manager –

Due to persistent public health concerns, Think Company continues to operate in the United States as a fully isolated business. As such, please consider this as a remote station (work from home). Please note that applicants must operate during Eastern time zone business hours.

Think Company is looking for an experienced Customer Implementation Manager who will manage the integration of a pilot group of customers on our Customer’s new SaaS platform. The pilot is about a cutting-edge analytics platform that enables organizations to understand the quality and performance of their leadership today and how to manage their leaders and teams in the future.

In this role, you will ensure that the cross-functional teams work closely together to onboard, support and learn from the pilot group of customers.

The ideal candidate is seeking a career in SaaS Customer Success, is a strong advocate for quality, has exceptional project management skills, and has a solid understanding of contemporary task tracking tools and Agile methodologies.

Responsibilities of a Client Implementation Manager:

  • Lead the project planning and client implementation process of our client’s early adoption pilot program
  • Actively seek information and gather requirements and timelines from internal stakeholders, third party partners and customers throughout the life of the pilot program
  • Manage and communicate the technical configuration of the product and the progress of the customer’s implementation: customer profile creation, user configuration, customer data integration, content configuration and product usage
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the pilot customer journey and the benefits created by operating the platform, outlining success plans, objectives and goals for integration into the pilot program
  • Become an experienced user of the platform and stay on top of the product roadmap and new features as they are released
  • Resolve issues and, if necessary, collaborate with product and engineering to resolve customer technical issues and bugs
  • Collaborate with the Customer Success team to provide ongoing feedback to the product team to help inform the product roadmap
  • Strategize with cross-functional teams to ensure the overall pilot program and business goals are achievable and ensure optimal customer outcomes
  • Prepare and facilitate cross-functional alignment meetings, ensuring all teams are aware of customer status, risks and future needs
  • Unlock issues and support the daily progress of the pilot program; list and define the list of dependent tasks that must be accomplished to achieve the overall goal
  • Define and lead communication activities to create transparent reporting and escalation structures throughout the pilot program
  • Help develop and document best practices to continuously improve the efficiency of existing processes
  • Create and maintain documentation relevant to the management of the pilot program

Qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Over 5 years of client or implementation experience in a fast growing, high growth SaaS company serving corporate accounts
  • Exceptional interpersonal, organizational and time management skills to juggle competing priorities for yourself and the teams you collaborate with
  • The ideal candidate is a competent Jira user and has experience in training customers on new software platforms
  • You are passionate about software and can translate customer feedback into requirements for our in-house team
  • You say what you think and have no problem raising concerns with your teammates, but are also able to disagree and engage when a collaborative decision is made

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