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Colleen Kanzora, the new Marketing Director of Blue Mountains Tourism | Blue Mountain Gazette

She promoted powerful productions like King Kong musical comedy, Cirque du Soleil and the Van Gogh alive exposure, so picking up the torch of the Blue Mountains tourism industry in the wake of fires, floods and a lockdown shouldn’t be too difficult.

New face of mountain tourism marketing: Colleen Kanzora.

This is the first time that the region has had a dedicated tourism marketing manager since 2014.

Former New Yorker Colleen Kanzora is based in Manly. It will develop and deploy a strategic marketing plan to attract visitors to the area after the lockdown and bring the visitor economy back to pre-pandemic and higher levels. She has international experience promoting shows, music, art and major Broadway events.

Ms. Kanzora’s pledge is the first step for Blue Mountains Tourism towards a $ 2.6 million investment in local bushfire recovery funding announced in July.

“I have long enjoyed visiting the Blue Mountains and look forward to meeting tourism companies and exploring the incredible scenery,” Ms. Kanzora said. “The Blue Mountains hold a special place in my heart as one of my favorite destinations.

“I am delighted to play a key role in bringing tourism back to the Blue Mountains, creating and showcasing unique and quality experiences for all future visitors and supporting local businesses. “

Ms Kanzors said she saw “a lot of opportunity” as the mountains are “a national treasure and a world heritage site that millions of people love and cherish”.

“It is my intention to maintain a healthy and happy balance so that all can enjoy the region, including the local community, the backbone of Blue Mountains, extending to all visitors.

“An area that has suffered natural disasters, followed by a global pandemic, has shown incredible resilience and with additional support from Blue Mountains Tourism and the council, I think we can focus on renewal and creating a strong and sustainable future for the mountains. “

Jointly funded by the federal and state governments, the $ 2.6 million tourism grant will include destination branding, marketing, website development, major events, industry communications and a business resilience program. BMT will carry out the project in partnership with the Blue Mountains City Council, which will look after industry development and branding.

As the region’s leading tourism authority, BMT will manage the Blue Mountains Visitor Economy Revitalization Project, a two-year destination management program aimed at re-establishing the mountains as a key tourism destination in New Wales. South and nationwide.

BMT President Jason Cronshaw said the Mountains have not had a Destination Marketing Manager since 2014, so this was “an exciting step for the region in reestablishing its rightful place as the one of the most recognizable places on Earth ”.

“We have a lot of work ahead, but Colleen has some outstanding credentials. I have no doubts that the mountains will once again be a must-see destination for domestic and international travelers.”

Starting her marketing career at Price Waterhouse Coopers in Chicago in 1996, Ms. Kanzora recently promoted Cirque du Soleil. KURIOS Australian tour and the Van Gogh alive exhibition in Sydney in 2020. Prior to that she promoted the King Kong musical on Broadway, Moulin Rouge! musical comedy world premiere in Boston and Broadway and The Wedding of Muriel the musical Australian tour. She also promoted Christmas show in Radio City at Madison Square Garden and much more.

In addition to meeting with local tourism businesses, one of Ms. Kanzora’s first tasks will be planning two major events, one for 2022. She encouraged local businesses to come up with ideas at an upcoming workshop.

“Everyone’s ideas are valid. After being confined for so long, our visitors will be super excited to get out and interact with our region.”

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