Art manager

Concerts and Events Reservation Manager

Job summary:
Plan and manage a dynamic variety of Blumenthal Performing Arts (BPA) events that can include concerts, attractions, speakers, and arts events.

Develop and execute plans for a designated niche of featured programs that balance artistic ambition with strong financial management. Find, visualize and assess potential talents to present.

Negotiate general conditions and contracts. Cultivate agents, artists and producers.

Work productively with other programming staff, consultants and other partners who will similarly work on other niches of BPA programming.

Responsible for advancing and managing events for designated events, as well as coordinating with other event managers.

Processes regulations for designated events and works closely with accounting on the creation of the main events budget and its updating.

Develop and maintain strong relationships and regular communication with colleagues in other locations who book similar acts and who may participate in bulk bookings.

Work cooperatively with local arts groups to minimize duplication and competition for talent, focusing on under-represented niches in the Charlotte market.

Operate successfully in a very fast paced environment that requires discipline in planning and execution, good communication with others inside and outside of BPA to problem solve and plan in detail.

• Research ideas for artists and shows to present or produce by BPA based on tour sales and price history, as well as any previous BPA history.
• Find out what our peers are exhibiting in similar places and what works or doesn’t work elsewhere.
• Look for changes in consumer interests and emerging trends that help us know what the public is interested in seeing on the BPA stages; this includes not only when new artists emerge, but how often artists return, and when interest in an artist / genre has waned
• Key liaison for BPA with reservation agents. Cultivate agents, artists and co-production partners for events presented by BPA
• Travel to other venues to rate and preview shows
• Look for bulk booking and co-production opportunities with local, regional and national peers
• Develop the budget and ticket pricing to evaluate the proposed events
• Negotiate general conditions and contracts
• Prepare and review memos, contracts, endorsements and other legal documents for review and approval by the President of the BPA
• Serves as an event handler for designated performances. This includes advancing the needs of a show, as well as managing events on-site when the show takes place.
• Process event regulations for designated events
• Work closely with accounting on creating the main budget for events as well as keeping it up to date
• Assist in the management of Ungerboeck’s planning system to ensure that planning of events and reservations is done in an accurate and timely manner
• Work with the education department to develop and implement educational activities that enhance public understanding of the production and / or the art form
• Work collaboratively with local arts groups to encourage cooperation and minimize competition and overlap in program selection and content.
• Help the development department cultivate donors through behind-the-scenes tours and help organize a limited number of special events
• Regularly attend performances at the BPA to gauge the public’s reaction to the events that BPA presents
• Represent BPA by attending professional conferences, workshops and meetings, including groups such as TIPCON and similar trade and professional associations
• Maintain positive and cooperative relationships with local artists and arts organizations
• Look for collaboration opportunities and minimize competition and duplication
• Respond in a timely manner to inquiries from those inside and outside the organization
For events booked by Booking Manager:
• Create budgets for individual shows.
• Create ticket setup for Help Desk ticketing service
• Work with the marketing department on marketing, promotion and sales plans to ensure that communication and positioning of the show is precise and effective

• Requires a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience
• A minimum of 5 years of experience in event or artistic planning
• Ability to multitask on various projects
• Strong communication skills
• Must be able to manage a team of people working on the same event
• Must be extremely detailed
• COVID-19 vaccination required