Art critique

Cosmo’s Corner: Review from a Feline Art Enthusiast

Meow. It’s me, Cosmo the library cat, here to report that the Grand County Public Library is suddenly full of new art! Is it a library or a meow? ! I did some research and found that every year the Springville Museum of Art sponsors an art contest for high school students in Utah. The winners are gathered for a traveling exhibition organized by the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. This exhibit is in the library right now!

Turns out there are a lot of talented young artists in Utah. This exhibition presents collages, paintings and photographs. All 28 of them are phenomenal! My favorite is a gorgeous oil painting titled “Curiosity” which features a lithe leopard with a gorgeous spotted coat. The talented young artist perfectly captures the intelligence and curiosity of this majestic feline. Looking at the work, I must confess that I feel a strong sense of kinship between me and the subject.

As French dada artist Marcel Duchamp theorized, no work of art is complete without a viewer. So it’s time to play your part in the creative process: come see these masterpieces! The show will be on display in the Grand County Public Library until Wednesday, September And if any of you young artists need a muse, you can find me at the Moab Library!

See you soon, I hope!