Art critique

Creative criticism from a gender perspective: February 21-25 | Advertising

What worked:


Once again, Bharat Matrimony features an ad that celebrates women’s right to exercise choice and achieve their aspirations. The ad focuses on a common practice of painting marriage details on the wall in rural areas and thus strikes a chord in the hearts of parents in rural areas where child marriages are more prevalent. The Bharat Marriage initiative to provide scholarships to girls willing to study is particularly commendable at present when the demands of the pandemic are forcing many families to resort to child marriage.

Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 4.25/5

Mahindra truck and bus

One of the dominant images in our minds of a movie director is of a man wearing a cap and shouting “action” and “cut.” So it’s heartwarming to see a female director featured in the ad that defies the common perception of a director. With the increasing number of professional women in the world of film and advertising, it is time to project them in our commercials as well to shape the aspirations of young women.

ESG: 3.75/5

What didn’t work:


Motilal Oswal

ICICI Prudential

More men are indeed in the formal sector and gainful employment generating regular income. Obviously, these are the main target audiences for many financial companies looking for investments. Yet we cannot ignore the fact that more and more women are influencing investment decisions, are employed in large numbers by banks and mutual fund companies, and are involved in marketing investment programs to clients. So why are women discreet in these ads? Is it difficult to have a few commercials featuring a woman as the main protagonist, especially when you’re creating a series of commercials? Motilal Oswal’s series of humorous advertisements fails on this point. How about a woman’s voiceover? Do we still think that a woman would seem less convincing when it comes to investment advice? It is time we recognize and challenge these internalized gender biases.

ESG: 2.5/5

well done

The brand continues to glorify machismo, aggression and violence as its brand identity.

ESG: 2.5/5

Non-gendered movies from last week:


ESG: 2.75/5


ESG: 3/5

magic bricks

ESG: 2.75/5

cool center

ESG: 3/5

Amazon Prime Video

ESG: 3/5

Coca Cola

ESG: 2.7/5

JK cement

ESG: 2.75/5