Buying a driver’s license is always expensive, so a loan for your driver’s license might make sense. Not only adolescents can access such a loan, but even adults who want or need to get their driver’s license quickly. If you want to be mobile and use a car, you need a corresponding driver’s license.

Banks give credit for the driver’s license

Banks give credit for the driver

In the best case, you can apply for the loan from the bank. The capital does not have to be saved beforehand, so that you can start immediately with the first theory lessons. The driver’s license is paid in installments in the form of a bank loan. The rates and thus the duration are set flexibly and individually. As a rule, these are so-called microcredits, where a particularly low interest rate can be used.

Before deciding on a bank and therefore a loan, the interest rates should be compared. The average price for a driver’s license in Germany is 1,500 USD. The loan must be taken out of this sum. As a rule, the usual credit conditions apply, such as no Credit Bureau entry, a regular income and a place of residence in Germany. A guarantee can also enable such a credit for the driver’s license.

Use different models

Use different models

The loan can be started during the apprenticeship period or only after the driver training has ended. Then an invoice, signed by the learner driver, is given directly to the bank, which can immediately make the money available to the driving school. The loan is then paid off upon receipt of the driver’s license.

However, the bank can also transfer the costs of driver training in advance. This is only a price offer. Should the learner get away with fewer driving hours, the outstanding amount will be repaid directly to the borrower by the driving school. The latter can return the amount to the bank in installments or in one piece.