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DeadBird Returns to DarkZero as Art Director a Year After Controversial Exit Following Plotting Incidents

British esports artist and designer Wayne “DeadBird” Peacock (aka “iamdeadbird”) has joined US esports organization DarkZero in a controversial move.

DeadBird was fired from DarkZero this time last year following accusations of tracing the work of other artists (see this Twitter thread here)before allegedly deleting his Instagram at the time.

DarkZero Chairman of the Board, Zachary Matula aka Zach, said at the time“I want you to know that we take this very seriously and I 100% believe that whenever art is used, the original artist should be compensated and credited. This should never have happened to begin with.

“Also, on a personal note, art is very important to us as an organization and to me personally. I think that’s part of the reason you see so much art coming out of the org. And see this initiative as a way to support artists in the community. We’ve been working with community artists for a long time to bring you something cool to use. We will make sure of everything [to be] well done, we will do well, you can be sure of that.

Few weeks later, DarkZero said they mutually parted ways with DeadBirdand that they had “connected privately and made resolutions with the affected artists”.

“DarkZero will continue to be a champion for artists, players and our strong community of loyal fans,” added the organization, known for participating in Rainbow Six Siege.

Now DeadBird is back, and while many welcomed it, some community members weren’t happy.

Streamer BikiniBodhi said: “What a way to spit in the face of the Siege artist community, so many amazing people who work hard and get nothing in return.

“People deserve a second chance, but more people deserve their first. Also, you certainly don’t deserve a second chance, if you still deny to this day what you did despite clear evidence.

Another artist known as Shaun/notamutemain, spoke of feeling disillusioned about working in the space given the situation.

There were plenty of other comments and quote tweets on the above tweet, both positive and negative, as the scene reacted to the news.

Esports News UK was under the impression that DeadBird was going to provide a new statement on the situation, but then we received their same statement from last year, hence the delay for this article.

After parting ways with DarkZero last year, he said in a statement that he “would like to apologize for not researching references and sources sufficiently”, which led him to “re-create and reference community works of art”.

He also apologized to the creators of the original work, but explicitly stated that he had “never stolen any artwork”, and this is the part of his initial response that seems to have angered some members of the community.

You can see that full statement below:

DeadBird also works as a designer for the British Esports Federation and UK esports organization Resolve, which he recently joined, and DarkBird has also been invited to join the Ubisoft Star Player program. a few weeks ago.

DeadBird has also worked with Mouseskins, with some of his designs used on some of their skins.

DarkZero recently won the Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 Championships, which saw many players miss out due to visa issues and positive covid tests.

In the past 24 hours, the news also announced that DarkZero leaves Valorant esports behind.