Art manager

Development Manager | Talawa Theater Company

The development manager is a unique opportunity to effect change in Talawa’s business and the audiences we engage with, and in doing so effect positive societal change.

At the heart of the role are the relationships you will develop with people who want to support our work and engage with our artists. In doing so, you, in turn, will benefit from the support of our joint CEOs, directors and extended team, in an organization where everyone takes responsibility for fundraising across all of our programs, engagement community to the creation of new works. The role has a strong base of support through other sources of income which is the responsibility of our Executive Director with external consultancy support (approximately £700,000 per annum from Arts Council England and support from Trust and Foundation).

What we are looking for for this position is someone who enjoys and has been successful in building and nurturing one-on-one relationships, connecting people to artists and stories. You will be someone who wants to develop your ambitions in individual philanthropy and bring an innovative approach to the development of new heritage networks. You will also be passionate about advocating for the arts and inclusion, and the assessment framework and methodology, and the broader communication resources needed to do so.

While individual philanthropy is at the heart of the position, we are also interested in hearing from candidates who have or wish to develop skills in other areas of fundraising. These other areas would depend on the individual and their own experiences and aspirations and could include: Statutory and Trust and Foundation Funding, where you would provide support to our Executive Director, from proposal writing to relationship management with donors, or; commercial sponsorship, where you would work alongside third-party consultants to develop opportunities for brands to connect with our audiences.

We want the incumbent to be able to grow in the role and, over time, consider taking on a managerial role that encompasses a more strategic position within the organization, with appropriate salary increases that reflect a increasing responsibility.

We welcome applications from those looking to step into their first managerial position, as well as candidates already working at that level who are passionate about our mission to reflect Black experiences through art, or who seek to balance a role with broader family responsibilities.

We can be flexible on how this role can work for you and can offer additional training and mentoring, depending on experience. You will be supported to accomplish the main tasks set out in the job description by an Executive Director who has ultimate board-level responsibility for fundraising.