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Dune: Spice Wars Art Director Jeremy Vitry talks about the challenges and putting a new spin on a renowned IP

With Early Access coming April 26, there’s a new dev interview with Dune: The Spice Wars Game Art Director Jeremy Vitry on creating a distinct style for a game using such a well-known IP, as well as how the design has changed over time from concept to current form.

During the early stages of the concept, the first art made by Vitry was a full-scale preview of Arrakis, along with a mock-up of the overall Spice Wars gameplay concept. Later there were all sorts of changes, but the initial stylized concept art retained some influence. It details a process that went from keeping a stylized look and matching the overall Shiro Games vibe, but then they incorporated Art Deco-inspired elements that changed the UI, but also added touches. to the characters and parts of the world, which makes this stand out.

Dunes is such a well-known intellectual property around the world, but the team wanted to create something original inside, without relying on others Dunes the influence of the media. Vitry notes that “Another big part of this challenge was the fact that everyone already has their own vision of what Dunes-things related to that would look like, so the pressure to do something not too crazy and still appealing to players fitting into that universe was definitely tough!”

Working on a well-known IP introduced some constraints on what they could do with the characters or the world, but those also provided guidance and, as he says, took them out of their comfort zone because they had to stay with what was there.

Some of the other challenges were creating interesting environments on what is a well-known desert planet. Also, the worlds are procedurally generated as you play, so it’s a bit more complex to make the worlds have some variety and feel engaging.

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