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Eric Grief (former manager of Death) has passed away

Eric Grief, former manager of death metal icons Death and president of Perseverance Holdings Ltd. (who manages the legacy of the late Chuck Schuldiner), sadly passed away at the age of 59. Death broke the news via their social media earlier today. with the message below.

The world has lost an absolute warrior and a supporter of metal and music in general. Eric was first introduced in my childhood life when he was a director and friend of Chucks, and then later in his late twenties when we met in Philadelphia to strike a deal with relapse records. in order to finally give Chuck’s legacy a decent home. You all enjoy Chucks music on all these wonderful platforms and releases now because of this man. Eric was of average height, but once he opened his mouth there was no doubt that he was a giant. He was a loving father and one of the most articulate and interesting men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Please keep his mother and children in your thoughts. The art of existing is indeed fragile… ..

Eric was also an entertainment lawyer and worked with groups like Obituary and Massacre. Here is more information, as reported by Blabbermouth:

Greif was said to have been an insulin-dependent diabetic for much of his life, who was briefly cured by a pancreas transplant, but this failed a few months later and his health continued to be a problem for him. In recent months, Greif has been desperately looking for a kidney donor but has been unable to find one.

RIP, Eric. See some tributes below.

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