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Filmmaker Shankar Borua’s Tribute to Legendary Artistic Director Phatik Baruah

A film workshop held in memory of legendary art director Phatik Baruah, organized and led by critically acclaimed director Shankar Borua and assisted by Ratul Das and Jyotirmoy Baishya, recently concluded successfully at Tirtha Nath Sharma Hall in Chandmari , Guwahati.

The workshop and interactive sessions covered among others the art of screen writing, directing (visual design), storyboarding and processing, narration and voiceover, cinematic lighting, composition , production design, sound design, editing, writing and directing. fiction cinema, cinema mechanics, music, etc.

Borua, who has conducted workshops in various parts of the country, particularly in the North East region, highlighted the fundamentals of the film medium as well as various storytelling models, visual structures and the different phases of fiction and filmmaking. nonfiction. , each with its own set of tasks, among other things. It was a great opportunity for attendees to learn about the sensitivities and practicalities of the medium.

Borua’s workshop in honor of art director Phatik Baruah, who has worked with many filmmakers over the years, was a generous gesture. Shankar Borua, with his unflagging enthusiasm, empathetically shared his vast knowledge and experience of cinema with enthusiasts, budding filmmakers and film students, enlightening and motivating them.

Borua said, “It’s my little way of honoring an outstanding artist/craftsman and a wonderful human being. We very rarely have the chance to get to know such a personality up close and to learn the tricks of the trade intimately. I have fond memories of spending hours with Phatik Dodaideo, cooking a meal together, and deliberating about our lives and times. His exceptional life is on film and I sincerely hope that the people of Assam will learn more about his life and work in the days to come.

Borua is known for his recent cinematic narratives – ‘Grief on a Sunday Morning’ (a film about the sexual abuse of little boys), ‘The Curiosity Shop’ (a film which marries the adoption of a young girl while depicting the ‘abuse of women within the family unknown to the outside world) and the political musical ‘Rongeen’ (Colorful) highlighting the power of participatory democracy in the face of rampant corruption and injustice.

Suraj Duwarah, National Award-Winning Cinematographer and Director of Photography, and Jiten Borah, Film Editor, served as resource persons for the workshop, providing insightful commentary on various aspects and segments related to the art of filmmaking.

“It was a great experience to be part of the workshop organized in memory of a veteran production designer who left recently,” said Suraj Duwarah, who directed the award-winning rabha-language film “Orong” in 2015.

“It was a pleasure for me to share my professional experience with young minds in addition to making them aware of the contribution of the late Phatik Baruah. It should be noted that this workshop was organized by ace filmmaker Shankar Borua for free, which is truly admirable,” said Duwarah.