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FNE Film Meets Games: Q&A with Ľubomír Timko, CEO and Artistic Director of Slovak Rembrosoft

BRATISLAVA: FNE spoke with Ľubomír Timko, CEO and Art Director of Slovak Rembrosoft, about their current activities, as well as the state of the Slovak game development industry.

Central and Eastern Europe is one of the most important locations for global game developers and studios, and artists from the region are increasingly working for film and games. FNE examines how these two sectors of the entertainment industry are converging and why this trend is important for the future development of both.

FNE: When was Rembrosoft founded and what have been your main missions and strategic projects so far?

Ľubomir Timko: Rembrosoft is a game development company founded by the Timko brothers in 2014. The name Rembrosoft comes from the artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. Like him, we care about the details. Our strategic project is an RTS game named Colonize.

FNE: What is the current situation of the Slovak gambling industry and what distinguishes it from the industry of other countries?

Ľubomir Timko: Even though we are a small country, we have relatively large and long-term experience in graphics outsourcing. The difference compared to other countries may be mainly in the substantial support of the game industry, but compared to other countries, we still cannot properly rely on project funding from private sources.

FNE: What games would you highlight in your company’s portfolio?

Ľubomir Timko: For several years, we worked, or rather tried to break into the mobile market, but we did not continue because somehow it did not satisfy us. So we moved to the PC market and here you can play a free demo on the STEAM platform – Colonize Prologue.

FNE: What can you tell us about the direction of your Game Art Creation business?

Ľubomir Timko: We’re not very used to creating graphics for others, it’s not our business plan anymore. On the contrary, sometimes we still do VFX work for our partners, or if someone has an interesting project, we will be happy to do it.

But if we could define our graphic style, we would simply define it as realistic, we are certainly not dealing with stylistic graphics, 2D or any experimental style.

FNE: Are the games going to be listed on the Slovak stock market and are the companies that are going to go public include a person from cinema or film projects?

Ľubomir Timko: If I had not received this question, I would not have even thought of the existence of a Slovak scholarship. But of course there must be. I don’t know if anyone is preparing or planning something like this.

Overall, in Slovakia we still have big gaps in how to do business properly. This is something that we really need to catch up with other countries around us, like in Poland. We need to learn as much as possible from them.

FNE: Are there Slovak films that are made into games or Slovak games that are made into films or TV series?

Ľubomir Timko: I’m not sure, I think there’s only a children’s TV series, Mimi and Lisatransformed into a game. We had the idea to create games from the books of the Slovak author Juraj Cevenak.

FNE: We know that you studied at the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava and worked on several short films. What can you tell us about your experience and how it helped your gaming business?

Ľubomir Timko: The first thing you learn at university is that it’s not about knowledge and sometimes not even about experience, but about the people you meet there, whether they’re professors or classmates. After school, everyone enters the professional world and the relationships you create can really take you far.

This is definitely what helped me the most, always having good partners for your game or business is the most important thing. You won’t do anything worthwhile on your own today.

FNE: What is the turnover and what is the percentage of growth expected in the Slovak gaming industry? What can you tell us specifically about your company numbers?

Ľubomir Timko: I have to be honest about this, we still haven’t made a single dollar making games. This is mainly because we fund our game from other resources, public funds, our publisher Creative Forge Games has helped us a lot, and we have also invested a lot of our income from other jobs in the game .

We’re finally going to start making money from the Colonize gae in 2023, so we’ll see how much we have left after subtracting the costs.

FNE: How do you see the evolution of the relationship between the film and game industries?

Ľubomir Timko: It’s coming together around the world, you see big companies like Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Amazon and more recently Netflix as they get into the games business. This is mainly because of the huge and long term profits of the games.

In our country, the gaming industry is not considered an art. We are still unable to profit from movies and even games. Just focusing on business and creating quality games for profit is considered heresy.