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Football Manager 2022 realizes Premier League fans’ worst fears

Football Manager 2022 is widely available soon and it is safe to say that players looking for a less rewarding challenge and a more direct path to success will take the reins at Newcastle United.

Previously, the competence of nobody precisely outside the North East of England and their direct descendants, the Magpies are now likely to become one of the most popular clubs in the game to manage.

No one has ever questioned the painstaking precision that goes into Sports Interactive’s management simulator and, again, art mimics life.

Much like Premier League clubs in the real world, FM clubs are going to have to compete with a transfer budget from Newcastle United of £ 200million for the new manager, giving them enough money to make their way to the Premier League and Champions League success, provided the manager is not a complete idiot who ruins everything.

As the Shield Gazette reports, you will also be able to add any recipe from the sale of players to the transfer kit. We don’t know if the game’s accuracy extends far enough that the best players can be convinced to move northeast, but we’ll find out soon.

Why does Newcastle suddenly have this insane budget? Well, in the real world, the Geordies have just been bought out by the Saudi Public Investment Fund which is absolutely not a sports washing operation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, no.

Taking control of a mega-rich super club might seem like cheating at play, but it happens in real life and the Premier League doesn’t seem to care, so we assume it’s fair play?

Football Manager 2022 arrives on November 9 and will be available on day one for Xbox Game Pass subscribers for the first time. However, it is currently available in Early Access. Those who have pre-ordered the game can play two weeks earlier.

The game features a brand new match system, as well as an improved transfer deadline, which is expected to feature a lot more activity from the aforementioned Newcastle United.

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