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Former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops harshly criticizes Steve Sarkisian

Fox Sports’ Midday kick-off The panel took a critical look at Steve Sarkisian’s freshman year at Texas ahead of Friday’s 22-17 win over Kansas State.

Former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops offered a particularly harsh assessment, when reminded of Sarkisian’s “all gas, no brakes” motto.

“You don’t need the brakes when you’re out of gas,” Stoops said to panel laughter. “I will preface my comments by in no way believing that Steve Sarkisian should be fired. But the previous four years they won seven games, eight games, 10 games and seven games. And they’ve won every bowl game four years in a row. Now they are coming and they are 4-7?

“It’s a complete disaster. The administration, the coaches, the players, they all have to recognize it. It’s their responsibility.

After Texas’ victory, Stoops offered a postscript. “I’m happy to see them win. I know you don’t believe me,” Stoops said, praising the second-half effort. “All that being said, they are still 5-7. They still had a six-game losing streak. So it didn’t go away beating a K-State team to seven wins.

Quarterback Casey Thompson, who struggled with a sprained thumb, was unfazed by Sarkisian’s call to open the job. “I know for sure he said we needed more of the quarterback room and the quarterback position,” Thompson said. “I don’t disagree with that. I think we need more depth in this position. I also think we need a little more of me. I think we need a little more [quarterback teammate] Hudson [Card].”

Asked to describe his first season in Texas in one word, Sarkisian tried it: “Roller coaster. Is it two? I do not know.”

Sarkissian said he plans to meet with still-eligible upper class members on Monday and Tuesday to discuss their future plans.

Out of necessity, Texas led the Wildcat lineup with Roschon Johnson more than at any time this season. “I think it’s something we can save for our future and become a more real part of our system, our offense,” Sarkisian said.

The Texas placement unit barely beat the clock at the end of the first half. Cameron Dicker was able to pull out a 24-yard field goal as time expired.

Texas sophomore linebacker David Gbenda tied a season high with seven team-leading tackles, including a sack.

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