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Former Van Halen manager Noel E. Monk reportedly dead

Former Van Halen manager and former Sex Pistols tour manager Noel E. Monk has died.

From 1979 to 1985, Monk was band manager from Pasadena, California, and the year before he worked with Van Halen as tour manager in 1978, the same year the band quickly began to rise. the rungs of success on the back of their self-titled debut album.

News of Monk’s passing leaked lightly on social media as Monk’s friends and peers paid their respects and an active estate sale in Colorado Springs, where Noel was known to live for the past few years, seems to indicate that the former director of the group has indeed passed.

While musicians are often the biggest benefactors of public fame when it comes to a band’s success and the many behind-the-scenes gestures of their managers, Monk has made his name and accomplishments known in the retrospective books he wrote – run with the devil and 12 Days on the Road: The Sex Pistols and Americawhich chronicle his experiences with Van Halen and Sex Pistols respectively.

On Facebook, John Watkins – a special effects director who claims he was consulted on pyrotechnic effects for Alex Van Halen – fondly remembered Monk, whom he first met in the late 70s, with some reminiscences of their interactions in a tribute post. .

“So sad to hear that former Van Halen manager Noel Monk has passed away [editor’s note: no exact date of Monk’s death has been confirmed at this time]. We both started working with Bill Graham. I didn’t really meet Noel until he was with the Sex Pistols and we had to drive Syd [Barrett] at the Haight Asbury Dree [sic] Medical clinic in my friend’s car after the Winterland show. I ran into him a few more times during the early days of Van Halen. I was consulted on pyro for Alex’s drums, and had the pyro license for their California tour on the 1984 tour,” Watkins began.

He continued: “I didn’t really know him until I wrote my book. Noel had written his great book run with the devil about his time with the band and a mutual acquaintance brought us together on Face Book [sic]. Noel was extremely patient and helpful, often offering suggestions and encouragement. I had a lot of respect [for] He and Noel didn’t care that I held Ed Leffler, the man who took over running Van Halen while he was with Dave, in such high regard. We never wasted our time discussing the best version of Van Halen. I think the only time the subject came up was when I once said, “Ed Leffler did a wonderful job in a very difficult situation, love Sammy or hate Sammy doesn’t matter , it could have gone very badly, very quickly and Ed Leffler’s handling of the transition was simply masterful Noel agreed to show what a class act he was.

Jeff Pezzuti, CEO of Eyellusion (the company behind the Ronnie James Dio hologram and other pioneering entertainment projects), also remembered Monk in an article praising the excellence of the run with the devil book.

Loudwire sends our condolences to the Monk family and everyone who knew Noel.

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