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Hamilton will enter 2022 with great momentum

Several potential downtown hotels signing a letter of intent. New restaurants, whether announced (Agave & Rye) or opened (Billy Yanks), have generated a lot of excitement in the local culinary scene. Large-scale residential projects (former Ohio Casualty with 86 units, former Beckett Paper with 236 units, and Rossville Flats with 80 units) will help companies like Kirsch CPA, iMFLUX, Bilstein and ODW Logistics attract talent by offering life options. unique urban areas.

While much of the focus has been on exciting new private investment, the impact of Hamilton Parks Conservancy (HPC) and 17 Strong cannot be overstated. Both entities were created over the past seven years and have grown in importance during the pandemic. They have exponentially improved the quality of life in our community.

In addition to managing over 1,000 acres of parkland, HPC recently took over the maintenance of two 18-hole golf courses in Hamilton. Their impressive investment in the array of parks has provided our residents and guests with the best recreational opportunities. HPC is losing its first executive director Steve Timmer in 2022, and its shoes will be hard to fill.

17 Strong was originally created to have better conversations about the needs of our 17 unique neighborhoods. Since its inception, former City Councilor Kathy Klink and a host of volunteers have strengthened 17 Strong’s stature. Neighborhood cleanings, movies in the park, monthly meetings, and micro-grants for desired improvements have made 17 Strong a central organization to help the process of continuous improvement in our neighborhoods.

That said, the resolutions for 2022 include: 1) continuing to focus on improving neighborhoods, 2) deepening our awareness of small businesses, so we can better support them as they continue to grow, 3 ) focus more efforts on improving streets and improving traffic; and 4) successfully helping the hundreds of millions of private investments in our development pipeline to be completed.

Joshua Smith has been City Manager of Hamilton, Ohio since 2010.