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How much is a dollar? A Review of SWAC Gambling | Gallery

Money games are competitions where two teams organize themselves to earn money at the expense of competition on the field. More often than not, gambling benefits both teams, with one team warming up easily at the start of the season and the other serving as a punching bag in exchange for monetary compensation.

Generally speaking, schools with limited financial resources use these games as a means of bringing in lump sums to their university, with a tacit agreement that they would lose and give the renowned university a victory at the start of the season. While this is not always the end result as upheavals occur, the vast majority of these matches end with the goal of reaching both teams.

For the Southwestern Athletic Conference, these types of competitions have served to bolster their HBCU’s finances for decades, but the question must be asked: How much is that dollar worth? These finances pay to keep the lights on in some institutions, and yet that seems to be at the sacrifice of the competitive values ​​that most sports teams claim to cherish.

As I have been taught, integrity is a core value of any sports team, and any coaches I have had the opportunity to speak with would claim integrity as an essential foundation of their programs. That being said, no matter what the motivations of those programming these gambling games, student-athletes are unlikely to not give one hundred percent of the effort for money that they would never see first. place.

So if it’s not about effort or desire from the player’s point of view, why is gambling so entrenched in college athletic programs? Is it fair for financial aid and monetary gain? In other words, yes.

As mentioned earlier, schools that participate in gambling generally lack the resources to compete with larger schools. According to the track and field program, these gambling games are what keeps small sports teams operational. So while gambling can make us question things that shouldn’t be questioned, such as integrity and motivation, gambling at all levels is a necessity, and it is. will be until the resources and means of these small schools are equal to those of the larger ones.

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