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I Immediately Want A Gaming Version Of NIN Art Director’s AI Horror Gem

The former artistic director of industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, Rob Sheridan, currently runs a fictional social media experiment called VIIR (an abbreviation of Volstof Institute for Interdimensional Research), an AI-illustrated story that’s lavish and intriguing enough to become its own horror game similar to Control. Remedy Control is already an excellent action-horror title dripping with Lynchian weirdness, with intriguing, surreal lore and paranormal themes. But one VIIR The video game would have the potential to provide game fans with a new experience containing much of the same appeal in its setting, structure, and overall premise that veers away from the action and fully transitions into visceral cosmic horror.


The similarities between VIIR and a paranormal mystery game like Control is largely through its story tropes. Control casts the player as the director of a secret organization that investigates the paranatural and the interdimensional, and stores items that exhibit these qualities. Likewise, VIIR is, in its own universe, led by a group sharing lost research that a fictional physicist named Florian Volstof conducted on an alleged “wound“in the spacetime of the institution from which the story takes its name. Most of the rhythms in the story take the form of images of objects being affected by something on the other side of that wound, or other effects produced by Volstof’s experiments.

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These images, posted on VIIRit is Twitter account, are the star of the series, establishing it as a truly unique horror project that would have something to bring to the table than other games with paranormal research themes, like Control and independent favorite SCP Containment Breach, did not cover the same way. A animal crossing player has added new AI-designed villagers to their game, and many find it fun to challenge AI apps by designing new characters or concepts. AI-generated art becomes less and less new as more and more tools are designed, but Sheridan’s personal method of getting the MidJourney AI to generate images for a vision of he story that mixes technology with organic horror is unique and memorable. VIIRThe art strikes a great balance between being unpredictable and weird and being cohesive and focused as an entire collection, wrapped in fleshy tendrils and distorted skull-like structures.

A hypothetical VIIR game: Remedy control meets what?

It is easy to imagine a VIIR video game that features the player as a member of the group the story describes as being behind the Twitter account, visiting what they believe to be the site of Volstof’s destroyed lab to prove that his studies took place. There would be ample opportunity to create a game like silent Hill in its quiet, oppressive, exploratory horror, filled with macabre discoveries. The player character could go armed with some of the photos and files found on the Volstof Institute, to collect more as they explore whatever remains of the dilapidated facility – and to see the surreal and chilling images of VIIR come to life when they encounter and activate ramshackle gear imbued with otherworldly flesh and bone.

Alternatively, the player character could trigger flashbacks to the institute’s active days as they gather information and gradually piece together its destruction. This approach would be reminiscent of a cult classic that many remember as one of the best Nintendo GameCube games. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is another work of cosmic horror that deals with twisted spacetime and past conspiracies, a well-known cult classic that would make a perfect base for VIIR.

But of course, no matter what it looks like, a VIIR the game would not be silent Hilla eternal darknessor even a Control. VIIR is its own thing, and it doesn’t need an adaptation to deserve appreciation. But just as Sheridan’s work with AI art allows a follower to guess where his footage and script will go next, it’s sure to have some wondering what it might be like to enjoy more of the setting in a format practice like the game.

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