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IMPPA offers financial assistance to the family of the late artistic director Raju Sapte


Bombay, August 9 (IANS): The Indian Association of Film Producers has offered financial aid of Rs 5 lakh to the family of the late artistic director Raju Sapte. Sapte committed suicide on July 2.

Speaking in the same context, IMPPA President TP Aggarwal said, “We are responsible to our workers and therefore decided to help his family. What happened is unfortunate and we must learn from this tragedy. Considering the sacrifice of the late Raju Sapte we at IMPPA donate Rs 5 lakh for which a check in favor of Sonali Sapte (widow of Sapte) has been deposited into his account as a small contribution to mitigate the loss that she suffered and to ensure the well-being of her family. “

Raju Sapte committed suicide on July 2 as a result of moral harassment from officials of some organizations, and this is clearly mentioned in the first report with the police from Wakad Thane, Pune district. Sapte was a member of the Association of Artistic Directors of Film and Television and Costume Designers.

In this regard, a meeting was held with the Chief Minister of Maharashtra in Mumbai on July 7.

After the meeting, he was informed to all the members of the statutory requirements which must be fulfilled and followed by them according to the information of the labor commissioner.

Mumbai Police Commissioner and other senior police officials, it has also been confirmed that all producers have been offered full police protection against any kind of extortion or harassment and that a Whatsapp group of producers and police have been put in place to solve any problem.


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