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Indiana Art Association Announces Winners of Open Arts Exhibition | Community news

The Indiana Art Association’s open arts exhibit is currently on view through Jan. 7 at the Indiana County Historical and Genealogical Society.

According to IAA President Janie Grela, the exhibit features 71 entries from IAA members and artists new to the organization. She said the annual show is open to everyone – members, non-members, Indiana County residents and non-residents.

The winners were announced at the recent IAA Open Arts Reception. The winners were:

Best of Show: Lois Linnan, mixed media, untitled

First place: Pam Sagely, oil, “Rain Clouds Over Spring Fields”

Second place: Cheri Widzowski, photo print, “First Beach at La Push, WA”

Third place: Emily Lasinsky, mixed media, “A Welcomed Awakening”

Grela said this year’s Open Arts has resumed after last year’s exhibition was canceled due to COVID-19.

“We were delighted to see several artists who are new to the organization come in. Our mission is to promote the arts and artists in the community. This exhibition is just one of the many exhibition opportunities that we offer to artists, ”she said. “IAA is where artists can grow, exhibit and socialize with other creators. Show Judge Norman Ed, a sculptor from Johnstown, has been teaching art for over 30 years and making art for over 40 years. In his judge’s statement, Ed said he enjoyed all of the artwork on display and was encouraged to see the variety and depth of the work created.

“I congratulate you all because I think there is a great personal advantage in taking the time to do work and taking the risk of including it in a public screening. You have changed and the community around you has changed because of the work you have done and I hope to continue to do, ”he said.

Ed said his personal and educational practices included a variety of methods and materials, traditional and less traditional.

“I love the sensitive craft of object making and I love the challenge of communicating ideas through visual means.”

He added: “The selected works spoke to me from both points of view. I have seen artists explore materials and methods in curious ways. I have seen artists use tradition with care and sensitivity. I have seen artists risk exploring personal imagery and visual vocabulary. I enjoyed all this work.

Grela encouraged the public to view the exhibit and thanked Jonathan Bogert and the HGSIC staff for organizing this exhibit each year. The exhibit can be viewed during HGSIC hours of operation at 621 Wayne Avenue (the old armory building).