Art director



We are looking for a proactive and enthusiastic Senior Art Director/Video Designer to join our existing team. A person who can take projects from brief to production, designing and presenting a clear and inspiring design response, then leading a creative team through the complex production and delivery process. It may not have been your career path to date, but if you have the instinct to be able to contribute at a high level to the projects we carry out, then don’t hesitate to apply. In this role, you will lead the design and delivery of high profile and distinctive shows, working with an exceptional team of designers, directors, architects, artists, composers and technicians. A successful applicant will have their work showcased on a global stage, often on a grand scale and amidst a flurry of international publicity. It is work that will reward the most talented, ambitious and creative artist with many opportunities to develop work with world-renowned collaborators and top-notch clients. In this leadership role and as a core member of the senior design team, you will take a positive approach in helping to guide the professional and creative development of the extended design team of 59 as we take a collaborative approach to continually develop our shared practice, and be responsible for creating an inclusive culture within the organization and our work.


  • A highly motivated design professional with at least 2 years of experience leading design and animation projects (and other years of relevant industry experience)
  • An exceptional visual designer and animator, with 2d and 3d skills
  • A gifted storyteller who understands the importance of story-driven design and can deliver it to all phases of a project
  • An inspiring leader of artistic teams, with engaging communication skills and a keen interest in collaborating effectively across departments and disciplines
  • A passionate presenter, effective at delivering creative and design ideas and engaging clients and stakeholders
  • Demonstrated interest in live performance and public art projects, and close collaboration with music and musicians
  • A person who works to encourage the best in those around him


  • Experience leading and inspiring teams in a design and animation environment
  • Senior-level industry experience, or the ability to demonstrate exceptional ability in the areas we seek
  • Excellent skills in the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience working with 2D and 3D animation teams
  • Confident and engaging communication skills
  • Something else you own that we haven’t even considered that could play this role even more exceptionally