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Letter to the editor: Manchin’s criticism makes no sense

Isn’t Joe Manchin a hoot? He does not want to extend the child tax credit because it would go to the “bad people” who would use it to do drugs. Then, demonstrating his lack of logic, he wants to extend it for 10 years instead of one. A lot more drugs, Joe. (Studies show that silver is massively used for essentials.)

Then he wants the poor to get jobs so they can earn that money. He says this off the cuff, of course, no research. No consideration for parents who are ill or disabled or who have children with special needs or who are caring for elderly relatives.

Just mean people, lots of them. We have to hold them accountable. “We don’t want to create a society of rights,” he says. Alright, cut Medicare, cut Social Security, cut disability benefits for coal miners. (Oops! Skip that one.)

So, who tracks how senators like Manchin handle taxpayer dollars: $3 million to $4 million to set up and run their offices; $48.00 to $68,000 for local offices; a salary of $174,000 (in Manchin’s case, add $174,000 for his wife’s government work.)

Unlike the poor, he has spare change if he runs out of money: the half-million dollars he earns each year from the shares of his family’s coal company. Who is entitled here? Guys in their 60s who haven’t changed diapers or served hot milk on bread to their kids shouldn’t be making those decisions.

Donna Halvorsen
South Portland

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