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Livermore Art Association Announces Late Spring Art Show Winners | Culture

The Livermore Art Association has announced the winners of its Late Spring Art Show, held this month at Bothwell Arts Center.

Best of Show: Jake Edwards, “The Terminator”

Oil/Acrylic: First Place, Melissa Mandegarian, “Pillar Point Sunset”; second, Kathleen Hill, “Flutter”; third, Diane Rodriguez, “Golden Gate”; honorable mentions, Nova Starling, “Maya Lin Confluence” and Chandana Srinath, “Dancing Birds”.

Watercolour: First Place, Meghana Mitragotri, “Nasturtiums;” second, Jane Sneed, “Summertime”; third, Hélène Roylance, “Passages”; honorable mentions, Annette Mack, “In the Pink” and Charlotte Severin, “Conquering the Coronavirus”.

Photography: First Place, Liiana Muntean, “Alluris”; second, Craig Varden, “Bronc, Cody WY”; third, Barbara Reynolds, “The Path”; honorable mentions, Claire Maen, “Chair by the Sea” and Lisa Rigge, “Evening Flight, Snow Geese”.

Other 2D: First place, Christine McCal, “The Church Grim”; second, Janet Watling, “Patio with Blue Table”; third, Karen Barry, “The Kegnaes Lighthouse;” honorable mentions, Barbara Stanton, “You Have My Attention” and Emily Chin, “California”.

3D: First Place, Marjorie Haggin, “One”; second, Barbara Johnson, “Falling Leaves”; third, Steve Rossi, “The Person Within”; honorable mentions, Christine Watters, “The Swimmer” and Mark Knize, “Bowl of Bubbles”.

In addition, the Arts Commission awarded the Town of Livermore Awards to:

Kathleen Hill (oil) for “Flutter”, Jennifer Huber (acrylic) for “Sirens”, Meghana Mitragotri (watercolor) for “Capucines”, Liliana Muntean (photography) for “Alluris”, John Devilliers (mixed media) for “In the Evening She Would Write a Letter,” Jake Edwards (3-D) for “The Terminator” and Christine Watters (textiles) for “The Swimmer.”

This year’s show attracted 186 entries from 66 performers. Winners of the City of Livermore awards will have their work displayed at City Hall in October.