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Local Photographers Criticize ‘Odd Pairings’ | Arts

Photography reviews continue to be very popular as they allow local photographers to exhibit their works of art and learn from the comprehensive appraisal of their work by experienced professionals. Non-contributors have the opportunity to see great examples of beautiful local photographs and learn a photo skill or two. On Thursday, November 19, from 7 to 9 p.m., the Land of Waterfalls Camera Club reunion will feature well-known photographers and educators Les Saucier and Janet Garrity Saucier will critique images with the intriguing theme of “Odd Pairings”.

As members’ photographs are presented, without revealing the name of the photographer, the Sauciers will give their opinion on the composition, lighting, clarity, creativity of each photograph and how the image conveys it. “Odd Pairings” theme.

“When we teach a photo workshop, we always include reviews of the participants’ images,” Les Saucier said. “We have often been told that it is during the reviews that students learn more about becoming a better photographer than at any other time during the workshop.”

The Sauciers’ approach to image criticism is to see the photo first as a viewer, and not as an experienced photographer. Their reason is that in order to become a better photographer, you have to understand how the viewer sees in order to create photographs that capture and hold the viewer’s attention. After receiving feedback on the impact of the image from the viewer’s point of view, the Sauciers will comment on the technical aspects of the photograph.

“I’m handicapped as a photographer to develop my understanding of what makes a better picture if I don’t get constructive feedback,” Janet Saucier said. “Because the word ‘review’ reminds us of review, people are often reluctant to post their work for others to comment on. Les and I criticize with the teaching in mind and helping the photographer become better at seeing. . “

Les Saucier has been a professional photographer for over 30 years and a teacher of nature photography. He became a permanent resident of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina 20 years ago. Les, who also has a master’s degree in field biology, is the inventor of the infamous Macro FlowerPo, which the Sauciers sell to customers in the United States and around the world.

Janet Garrity Saucier began her professional photographer career with her book “Goin ‘Down the River, Fish Camps of the Sea Islands”, published in 2012, while living in Beaufort, SC. after marrying Les, Janet had “the mountains” in her heart at a young age. Spending summers at her family camp in New York State’s Adirondack Mountains since birth, the sense of belonging was immediate when she first visited Brevard and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

In addition to being photographers and workshop teachers, the Sauciers are also the author of the photographic book “Mountain Blue”, published in 2018. Filled with their two photos as well as writings on the mountains, the book is a celebration of the beauty and grandeur of America.

This meeting is open to the public and will be live online with Zoom. Participants are encouraged to log in at least 10 minutes in advance (6:50 p.m.) to verify their connections and settings. Non-member guests are encouraged to visit [email protected] a day or two in advance for invitation and access information.