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Lucasfilm Art Director Phil Szostak Tries To Justify Baby Yoda Eating Frog Eggs

Lucasfilm art director Phil Szostak tried to justify Baby Yoda eating Frog Lady’s eggs in The Mandalorian Chapter 10: The Passenger.

Szostak took to Twitter where he responded to The Mandalorian’s official Twitter account by sharing a poster of Frog Lady.

Szostak’s quote tweeted the poster, writing: “For the record, chapter 10 of The Mandalorian makes it clear that the Frog Lady’s eggs are unfertilized, like the chicken eggs that many of us enjoy.

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“But of course, chickens are not sentient beings and the child who eats the eggs is intentionally disturbing, to a comedic effect,” he added.

In a subsequent tweet, Szostak wrote, “Horror fans know disturbing things make some of us laugh and some of us squirm, or both. Your mileage may vary. “

However, this explanation did not satisfy many fans.

Twitter user OGStarwarsAB replied, “Yet the mother was passionate and cared about these eggs .. her future generation and urgently needed to bring them to her mate. So, saying they mean something, they are real to her and not just a product to be transported.

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She added, “We must also believe that the Child is a compassionate being who has used strength to save others (healing) and can understand the circumstances around him. Thus letting us believe that he understood what these eggs / offspring mean for the mother… who is racing against the clock to perpetuate her lineage. Then the child ate a fertilized egg (spider).

Twitter user StevenWayneArt also said, “Why would you take a beloved character and have them do something disturbing on purpose? The mother was trying to preserve her family line and it was the Child who was destroying her: you literally made him the bad guy in this episode. Who thought it was a good idea?

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OceanSelene wrote: “For the record, the Frog Lady was very adamant that her eggs were important to her, and that this was her last and only chance to have children, so it’s closer to fucking someone. ‘an IVF that would be incredibly upsetting for a mother-to-be.

Jay_2SO wrote: “It makes sense that they were unfertilized like a chicken egg, but it was also pointed out that these were her last eggs and that she was afraid of losing them. It looks like The Child ate half of it, so that was shocking for sure.

Flypaper_Brain added, “I’m a mom. It’s no fun at all to hear mom frog explain in detail how important and loved her eggs are to her and has to watch them get eaten on 3 separate occasions for shit and giggles. Can’t a single mom survive AND babysit? “

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Azulgris27 said, “All of his species are threatened with extinction, but is that supposed to be cute? I’ll be honest, I found it completely disturbing and not cute at all.

Wonderartsy added his thoughts, writing, “Only if you see her as the equal of a real frog, not as a sentient humanoid being. It would be like a toddler eating IVF eggs that have not been fertilized. Just suck them out of a test tube. Intentionally disturbing, fine. But comic effect? Nope.”

“And even that’s not that bad, because the kid ate them BEFORE they had a chance to live. You made it clear with the “joke” that Mando considers Frog Lady to be an inferior life form, as he didn’t try much to stop the kid from eating them. He could have secured them better, ”they added.

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Byronicoconmoto also replied: “I’m afraid for many (judging by these answers) the joke didn’t land well. I have to say that for me it really read like the joke was at the expense of the poor frog’s pain and struggles (which is well emphasized during the episode) and it hit a bit too close to my house .

They added, “It made me uncomfortable and reminded me of the many times women and their struggles are mocked. The last scene really left me speechless, it was so cruel. I understand that not everyone will feel this and that The Child is young and unruly, but he could have eaten something else. “

What do you think of Szostak’s explanation? Do you buy it? What did you think of the fact that Baby Yoda ate Frog Lady’s eggs?

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