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Lucasfilm Creative Art Manager Defends Baby Yoda Eating Frog Eggs

2020 has been a year many of us would like to put in the rearview mirror and forget about it as quickly as possible, but just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, The MandalorianBaby Yoda was the target of gunfire. Incredibly, there has been a wave of backlash online against the show’s little green star as a result of her behavior on last week’s episode, “The Passenger.”

The ant ManPeyton Reed directed the standalone story which saw Mando and Baby Yoda attempt to transport a character known as the Frog Lady across the galaxy with her unborn offspring so that she can reunite with her husband. However, The Child got more than a little hungry on the trip and had to be repeatedly prevented from eating the dynamic duo’s cargo.

Although they are played almost entirely for laughs, with sound effects and whimsical music, some fans did not appreciate Baby Yoda’s actions too much. It sounds amazing to write, but The Mandalorian now faces criticism for having an alien puppet in an egg snack sci-fi TV show that belongs to someone called the Frog Lady, a fictional character played by actress Misty Rosas in a large rubber costume .

Lucasfilm Creative Art Director Phil Szostak took to social media recently to defend the scenes in question, and you can check out his response along with some of the startling fan reactions below.

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get crazier, the team behind The Mandalorian Now must defend themselves from critics who accuse them of painting the adorable Baby Yoda as a child-eating murderer, which sums up 2020 in one word.

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