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Manager’s reaction after the New Years game – News

First-team manager Keith Hill has given his reaction to iFollow Iron after his side’s 1-0 home loss to Carlisle United on New Years Day.

Rod McDonald’s goal five minutes before halftime made the difference that day, in a game dominated by Scunthorpe in terms of possession.

Hill said: “I think this proves today that possession isn’t the only factor in winning games. We comfortably had the lion’s share of possession, but with those passes you have to attack with more. ‘intensity.

“We have too often allowed the opponents to get back into shape. We had good phases of the game, especially in the first half, but in the end the match was decided on a set piece and that really leaves me with a bitter taste, mouth.

“I have a lot of complaints about the goal. I have no questions or concerns that there was a foul leading to the goal itself scored. We have to do better in a scoring situation. We have the responsibility to be It’s a great team and they had that advantage today in terms of physics, but I think we controlled the game with the ball.

“To a certain extent the opponents allowed us to do it after the first 10 to 15 minutes, but we set our own traps in doing it – sometimes playing too slow and too defensively and that’s why I brought the changes I made.

“The lion’s share of what I want from a football team is to keep the ball. I think it’s the best art of defending and then you have to defend the little moments, but the big moments that are game-changers like set-play, so I’m ‘I’m very disappointed that we weren’t organized and got beaten by set-play.

“The goals we concede are going down, there is no doubt and we are looking for a healthier team where the players know the job they are doing but we have to attack better and that is an obvious problem. We have to find the right one. formula, whether in the building or through the transfer market in January. “

He added: “The worry after winning against Oldham was what kind of performance we were going to get from the players. There was a half performance there with poise, desire and determination, but I don’t think so. that we’ve done enough of the tough and tough miles you have to do to score goals, create them, give the ball away and get it back.

“I was never too confident to win Boxing Day, but I hate to lose and I would have ended up drawing all day today, but for a set-play we would have gotten this draw, so I’m deeply disappointed we didn’t take at least one point. “

Second-year academy fellow Harry Lewis made his hour-long debut, replacing Ryan Loft, and Hill continued, “He’s doing really well in training and I wanted an offensive effort from. that side of the pitch. There were too many teams seeing double vision and that caused them to play the ball upside down. We were playing in the safety of the opponent’s form. Once he grew up. in the game he has shown he can be effective and efficient. “

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