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Marathi artistic director Raju Sapte who committed suicide left a video accusing the union of harassment | Marathi movie news

Read Full Story: Artistic Director Raju Sapte Ends His Life After Alleged Harassment Of Rakesh Maurya Union

An artistic director of the Marathi cinema Raju Sapte committed suicide on July 3 in his residence in Pune. Sapte before taking the drastic action wrote a suicide note and also shot a video explaining how he was harassed by a union person who asked some workers to spread the wrong message about his defaults. In the video, Raju Sapte recounted his condition in Marathi, which roughly translates to “Namaskar, my name is Raju Sapte and I am artistic director. I’m not making this video drunk. For the past few days, I have been harassed by Rakesh Maurya from the Labor Union. There are no complaints against me and I have cleared all work payments. Rakesh Maurya provokes workers after all payments have been settled. It stuck to a lot of my projects. Currently, I have 5 projects in hand. But since Rakesh Maurya is inciting Labor against me, I cannot start any work. Recently, I had to quit my only project for the same reason. To protest against this, I commit suicide today. I demand justice. Police recovered the suicide note along with the video and recorded the incitement to suicide.

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