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Marketing Manager – Cynopsis Media


We have an exciting opportunity for a creative, ambitious and eco-friendly team member with a passion for marketing who wants to positively impact a growing brand. EarthX is seeking a Marketing Manager who will play a key role in managing consumer marketing for the EarthX and EarthxTV initiatives, with the overall goal of increasing brand awareness, increasing audience and the number of viewers and maintain valuable relationships. Some key responsibilities include developing and managing strategic marketing campaigns executed with skill and flair. This includes owning and developing internal and external relationships that promote brand development opportunities for key franchise series / programs, events, etc. This role relies heavily on strategic planning that builds solid marketing plans and flawless execution. This proactive person will help shape EarthX and EarthxTV’s voice to the outside world and has the ability to work well in a fast-paced environment.

Responsibilities of the Marketing Manager

Marketing Advertising

  • Manage all aspects of consumer advertising and marketing development for all EarthX properties with the goal of building audience, footfall or any other identified indicator of success and reinforcing core brand attributes. This will be done in coordination with the Director of Marketing and Communications and the Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • Campaign leader on assigned projects and initiatives. This will include developing marketing / creative briefs, managing campaign execution and marketing / communications assets across a wide range of peers with cross-functional departments including, but not limited to, the creation, production, programming, etc.
  • Execute marketing programs to support specific marketing objectives across different channels and segments in support of our overall strategic marketing plans
  • Ability to combine the science of strategy and the art of creation to effectively create impactful campaigns and with the goal of making things happen
  • Evaluate the impact of marketing programs in achieving their stated goals and KPIs
  • Manage assigned marketing projects to generate consumer insights in support of an enhanced marketing and communications strategy
  • Lead the execution of marketing programs from start to finish, fostering collaboration with stakeholders and leveraging the right internal assets and processes
  • Manage the creation and production of marketing materials to support organizational initiatives in collaboration with internal creative teams and others
  • Execute the process of personalizing elements of marketing assets and guarantees, in coordination with counterparts in the creation team of the extended marketing department
  • Assist in drafting a copy of external and internal marketing emails and any other communication element as required
  • Coordinate with internal and external teams and agencies to ensure assets are developed to specification, on time and in line with EarthX brand guidelines
  • Coordination of marketing materials needed for EarthX events
  • Assist the Director of Marketing and Communications with Partner Agencies in obtaining material, information, approvals, budgets, timelines, objectives, goals for marketing communications purposes, particularly advertising and relations with media

Sales development

  • Manage the completion of sponsor and partner marketing assets and materials and be able to coordinate necessary project summaries for advertising, social media, media, website, etc.
  • Aware of market trends with advertisers
  • Coordinate the development and execution of partnerships
  • Identify and defend the strategic efforts of inter-department and inter-business unit marketing links for maximum positive impact on the brand and visibility on the market

Other assigned tasks.

Key performance indicators:

  • Projects completed meticulously, on time and on budget
  • Missions and projects delivered with flawless execution
  • Values ​​the art of building relationships and is able to work collaboratively with internal and external parties
  • Excellent organizational skills, great attention to detail and the ability to think big
  • Strong writing and communication skills, including active listening
  • Able to achieve audience engagement and KPIs
  • Tech savvy: Familiar with general marketing platforms and current trends
  • Fulfills role with a positive attitude and a sense of humor
  • Satisfaction with the completion of the sponsorship

Skills :

To perform the job successfully, a person must demonstrate the following skills:

Working style – Motivated, reliable, reliable, discreet and efficient person who can thrive in a fast-paced office environment. Ability to project a professional image to external partners and prospects. Anxious to anticipate, to solve problems autonomously and collaboratively. Ability to ensure that task completion is always submitted in a timely manner and has the ability to be a flexible person.

Knowledge of the trade – Competent in the skills and knowledge required for the job; demonstrates the ability and enthusiasm to learn and apply new skills; keeps abreast of current trends and developments; requires minimal supervision; shows an understanding of the relationship between work and others; efficient use of resources.

Communication – Express ideas and thoughts both verbally and in writing; demonstrates excellent listening and understanding skills; keeps others adequately informed and updated; selects and uses appropriate communication methods; ability to present effectively in a group.

Team work – Balances team and individual responsibilities; demonstrates objectivity and openness to the opinions of others; gives and welcomes comments; helps build a positive team culture; puts the success of the team above its own interests. Most importantly, knows what it takes to do the job well. Sharing in the group’s successes and not just in the individual contribution.

Visionary leadership – Demonstrates passion and optimism; inspires respect and trust; mobilizes others to accomplish the mission; provides vision and inspiration to peers and subordinates. Realizes the importance of EarthX’s vision and mission and appreciates the world of non-profit organizations.

Strategic thinking – Develops strategies to achieve organizational goals; understands the strengths and weaknesses of the organization; analyzes the market and the competition; identifies external threats and opportunities; adapts strategy to changing conditions.