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MONA’s social media manager shares her favorite places in Hobart

A content queen shares her Hobart hit list.

At Fashion Journal, we want to discover the hidden places in Australian cities that only locals know about. There’s no scrutiny here – it’s a breakdown of our cities best bits. We want the underrated hangouts, favorite restaurants, treasure shops and bars people will always want to return to.

This week we explore Hobart with Liana Rossi, Content Manager at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). She fell in love with Hobart five years ago, when she crossed the Bass Strait to make Tasmania her new home.

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You won’t find anyone more of a “city girl” than Liana, and she’s here to share her list of Hobart hits. “I’m not particularly into the outdoors and I barely own a pair of practical shoes, so if you’re looking for hiking, you’ve come to the wrong place,” she says.

To eat

Hamlet, 40 Molle Street, Hobart

Treat your taste buds for a good cause at Hobart’s famous social enterprise cafe. The team behind Hamlet is on a mission to reduce unemployment in Tasmania and empower local community members to live meaningful lives.

Since opening its doors to the public in 2016, it has provided work experience and professional skills to hundreds of people. Added to this is a fresh and innovative menu with wood-fired grills and seasonal vegetables. “I can’t think of many cafes that are or do better than this one,” says Liana.


Tom McHugos, 87 Macquarie Street, Hobart

Tom McHugos is the traditional pub in town that everyone wishes was their local. The menu is sophisticated but affordable, and the drinks menu features organic and artisanal drinks. It also claims to be “the coziest hotel in Hobart”, with “the coldest draft beer in town”.

“We basically live with Tom McHugos,” Liana tells us. “A pet nat and a parmy are my standing order, but there are also plenty of delicious seasonal dishes.”


Lucinda, 123 Collins Street, Hobart

This bar is a must. Featured in foodie traveler, Lucinda offers a comprehensive yet affordable wine list that includes a range of up-and-coming Australian brands. It’s the perfect mix of classic and modern, with a delicious menu and a relaxed atmosphere. Oh, and it also won the award for best sparkling wine list. What more could you ask for?


Bruce, 29 Criterion Street, Hobart

Bruce is a designer consignment store selling a beautifully selected range of menswear, womenswear, shoes, bags and accessories. Even better, you can pass on your used designer clothes and receive 50% of their selling price. It’s fashion with a conscience.

“I now come every week to see what’s new,” reveals Liana. “As someone who has slowed down their fashion consumption, this is the perfect place for me to pick up my own clothes (and buy new ones) and extend the overall life cycle of clothes.”


MONA, 655 Main Road, Berriedale

A perfect date night for Liana is to take the ferry to MONA with her boyfriend, have lunch at a restaurant called La Source, and then watch Ben Salter perform at the museum.

Even though the museum is technically Liana’s employer, it never feels like work for her – and she can’t recommend a better or more romantic place for a date. “We’re lucky he’s here,” Liana said.

Treat yourself

Lavada Cosmetic Clinic, 295 Elizabeth St, North Hobart

If you visit Lavada, you are in for a treat. This boutique clinic specializes in skincare and cosmetic techniques, using a holistic and all-natural approach to its treatments. You will leave refreshed, regenerated and more at ease in your skin.

Liana loves to do a facial, but there are so many different options you’ll be spoiled for choice. “It’s paradise,” says Liana.

Farm Market, 104 Bathurst St, Hobart

Is there anything better than a lazy Sunday stroll to your local farmer’s market? Well, you can count on Farm Gate to be open every Sunday, rain, hail or shine. It’s Hobart’s local hub for baked goods and seasonal produce. If you are there, Liana recommends you visit Rough Rice. Specializing in fermented foods and condiments, this stall is bursting with flavor.


CNTNR, 546 Upper Scamander Road, Upper Scamander

Although she hasn’t come yet, this one is at the top of Liana’s wish list. Located along Tasmania’s east coast, CNTNR is made from a 40ft container that has been converted into luxury accommodation. Take in the gum trees overhead or the idyllic views of the Scamander River, and you’ll instantly begin to relax and unwind.

You can stay all day in the accommodation itself or explore the area. “There are so many gems, such beautiful beaches and wonderful products,” says Liana.

Waterloo Inn, 1A Franklin Street, Swansea

Speaking of views, you won’t find better than Waterloo Point. Stay in a modern, comfortable unit directly on Swansea Beach, sample its delicious menu and take in captivating panoramic ocean views. You can also visit other local attractions during your stay including Wineglass Bay, Coles Bay, the Swansea Bark Mill and Meetus Falls.

“We, and all of our friends, are rightly obsessed,” Liana tells us. Does she need to say more?


Fico, 151A Macquarie Street, Hobart

This little Italian restaurant is all about “fun-dining”. It’s a lovely mix of casual and fine dining, with an intimate yet lively atmosphere, making it the perfect place for a birthday or to celebrate a promotion. The menu is seasonal, sustainable and local. Although it is constantly changing, you can count on a plate of fresh pasta, risotto, seafood and fresh vegetables.

“I’m sentimental about catering…so it seems fitting that Fico is where we go for a long birthday lunch, to say goodbye to a friend, or to catch up with visiting family,” he says. Liana. “Go for a looooooong Sunday lunch.”

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