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Muleshoe Art Association loves sketch demonstration – Muleshoe Journal

The Muleshoe Art Association met on Tuesday, January 4 at the Santa Fe Depot at the Muleshoe Heritage Center. The meeting began with a demonstration by Adryan Diaz, guest artist from Amarillo. Adryan, who works mostly in pencil, charcoal and occasionally watercolor, shared the sketchbook he keeps of quality drawings from family and friends. He also shared great photos of Patrick Mahomes and Chris Beard which were impressive. For his demonstration, Adryan made three drawings of an eye, one made in ten seconds, one made in one minute, and one made in ten minutes. To do this, he used graphite pencils of different sizes, an eraser, an electric eraser and a brush to clean.

President Ann Johnson suggested taking a break for refreshments and then opened the meeting. Sandra Chancey read the minutes, which were approved, then handed in the Treasurer’s report, which was accepted on a show of hands.

Ann then relayed the thanks of the Chairman of the Heritage Center Board of Trustees, Kenneth Henry, for the association’s help in decorating the depot and then providing cookies and helping the Heritage Center after the Christmas parade.

Ann then asked Sandra Chancey, president of the Spring Show, to elaborate on the show. The show will take place at the Senior Center. A meeting will be held with the center’s board on January 10 to set a date and discuss other details, including hours and areas of the center to be used. Members then signed off on the distributed worksheet for the tasks to be covered. The members discussed other details regarding the case.

Ann then reminded everyone to work on the valentines the charity is doing for the residents of the nursing home and those locked up. Blank cards were available for members to use for Valentine’s Day if needed.

The meeting was then adjourned.

The next meeting will be February at the Santa Fe depot.

Members present at the reunion were Ann Johnson, Shirley White, Debbie Black, Misti Prater, Mike Jones, Melba Bratcher, Sandi Chitwood, Jo Ella Flowers, Dianne Brown, Kay Hohes, Connie Navajar, Sandra Chancey and guest Phil Gaasch.