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Newton Art Association sells pieces to raise money for pantries


Buying gifts, donating to charities, and supporting local artists just got easier this holiday season with the Newton Art Association’s (NAA) Art Works for Good fundraiser.

Following:Artworks from the Newton Art Association are on display at the Newton Free Library

To raise funds for the Newton Food Pantry and Center Street Food Pantry, 35 NAA members created 140 pieces for the online show Art Works for Good. Half of the sale price will go to the pantry while the other half will go to the artist.

Barbara Selwyn, NAA board member, gave more details on the exhibit and sale, which now runs through February 2022.

What inspired the Newton Art Association to launch “Art Works for Good” last year?

The NAA launched the Art Works for Good auction last year to fight hunger – a problem exacerbated by the pandemic. Our members offer their artwork at low cost to do two things: reduce hunger and support the idea of ​​original art in our community.

Why did the NAA decide to host the Pantry Fundraiser again this year?

NAA is stepping up again because we realize that hunger is an ongoing problem, even in a city like Newton. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of families facing food insecurity has increased dramatically. Fundraising helps support the Newton Food Pantry and the Center Street Food Pantry.

What are the reasons given by the artists for this cause?

Art is such a powerful way to connect people and help instill change. Through their Art Work for Good program, NAA artists help highlight and raise funds against food insecurity.

Do you think this is a tradition that will continue each year? Why or why not?

As long as food insecurity is a major issue in Newton, the NAA will continue this fundraiser. In addition to raising much-needed funds, this event can alert residents of the urgent need for people to donate to Newton’s pantries.

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