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Oversized Snacks and Glitzy Flattened Pop Cans by Sam Keller Playful Critic of Consumerism

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#crystals #found objects #sculpture

March 18, 2022

Anna Marks

All images by Tim Johnson, courtesy of Sam Keller and Louis Buhl & Co., shared with permission

Los Angeles-based artist Sam Keller creates playful works centered on his interest in twisting new narratives from everyday objects. He transforms a flattened Coca-Cola or La Croix can into a beautiful, sparkling object covered in Swarovski crystals and sculpts giant Cheetos into hollow spheres and small stacks. Each work highlights consumption and the grip of capitalism on society. “I hope my use of preservative-free junk food should inspire re-examination of the foods we decide to eat as well,” the artist shares. “For the record, I quit eating Cheetos years ago.”

While growing up in Brooklyn, Keller was drawn to the environment around him, often finding and collecting objects from the streets, which still informs his work today. “My teenage bedroom was decorated with advertisements that I pulled from subway cars, a satellite dish that I painted on, and once to my parents’ dismay, I even brought home overturned parking meter,” Keller told Colossal. Today, he obtains many broken cans from the trash thrown around him and decorates them with colored crystals.

The artist studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design and focused on drawing found objects, food, and “derivative materials for their embedded language and cultural significance.” With the exception of high-end glass, many of the items he uses are relatively common. “It only takes two large bags (of Cheetos) to make a ‘Cheetosphere’ sculpture, so from a practical standpoint, a display case to protect one of them is the most expensive component,” he explains. -he. “I am always on the lookout for new objects and materials to incorporate into my practice while continuing to evolve my existing ideas and interests. I feel like I am pursuing an indescribable vision in my mind, and I will only know when I’m there.

To see more of Keller’s work, follow him on instagram or visit his website. (via That’s right)

A photograph of a crystal embellished beer can

A sculpture of giant Cheetos by Sam Keller

A photograph of a Cheeto sculpture by Sam Keller

#crystals #found objects #sculpture

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